When we see with our Spirit

When we see with our Spirit

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This started as an image imprinted in my mind upon waking one morning. It was so vivid that I knew it was one I would have to put to canvas. The significance of the image lay in the shadow cast on the water that reflected more than what could be seen with the natural eye; hence the title: "When we see with our Spirit." 

The shadow may be that of an angel standing at the stern backing this person rowing steadily forward, or it may be the Reflection of that person's Spirit celebrating: The image of what happens in our Spirit when we witness something awe-inspiring. The point is to highlight that very real world around us that we can sense, perceive, & discern with our Spirit. 

"People look at the outside of a person but God looks at the heart..." 

I am ever learning to look with the eyes that God sees with; To see in the Spirit.