Balancing Act
Balancing Act

Balancing Act

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Balance is the even distribution of weight that enables someone to remain upright and steady.

In the course of this week it has become even more apparent to me that It is vital that I weigh the cost of where i distribute my time, energy and attention. To evenly distribute the weight of our time and energy requires concentration, intentionality and strength. 

Concentration - Focusing attention on what's at hand. Being Present in the moment we are in. 

Intentionality - Deliberately and purposefully choosing what I put my time towards. 

Strength - The capacity to withstand great force or pressure. If you don't know where and how you want to spend your time, then everyone else will come up with it for you... Knowing when to say "yes" and "no" requires a firm, decided stance in where you want to be that is not swayed by the pressure to spend yourself elsewhere.