~ Unmarked Reflection ~
~ Unmarked Reflection ~

~ Unmarked Reflection ~

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7"x10" Watercolor & Ink Pen on Arches 140 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper 


Days after it had opened back up for the season, we went on a trip to Denali National Park in Alaska. It is a stark land, yet home to many creatures. We rode in the park bus for 2 hrs on the single built road that travels through low valleys and high mountain passes. The highway is 92 miles long, and runs parallel to the Alaska Mountain Range. Their mission is to leave the landscape as unmarked by man as possible, and yet you can wander throughout the landscape at any point. As a result we were able to witness wildlife roaming in their natural habitat. 

How did it feel?
Reflective. Crisp Air, Numb Fingers, Bone Chill.
Open lungs, Cutting Wind, Wonder & Awe.
Harsh, Unforgiving Land.
Beautiful to the ones it was made for.
A place to be alone with your thoughts.
Silent, Still, Wild.

In a place barely marked by man and unmaintained,
It made room for your thoughts to echo in the corridors of your mind and beyond. 
Unmarked spaces tend to mark you, because you are able to see yourself more clearly.