Future Hope

Future Hope

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I started painting this painting at the Academy of Science when I got the opportunity to paint at one of their fun Night Life events in the beginning of 2015. It is so delightful to recall the creative process it came out of: I had so wanted to prepare an image/idea to paint BEFORE going to paint live at the museum but Papa kept telling me: "That's not how you paint when you paint at home... that's not how you paint when you paint with me, so why are you going to do it differently in public?" So I decided to go without a plan of WHAT to paint and just worship and wait for papa to speak to me and show me what to paint. What followed was a conversation about the city of San Francisco and Hope. I kept hearing the song:

"I see a generation, rising up to take their place, with selfless faith."

This was so significant as I was painting that I kept hearing the words over and over. Though the image has little to no correlation to San Francisco, that's what it was about. the image was more about overcoming, hope, a generation and the future than anything else...
While I was painting a man approached me to ask me what it was about, and then told me what he saw before I could answer: "It looks like the future. It looks like hope for the future." That was the sweetest moment because it was a reminder that whatever heart cry comes out of our creative process... people will pick up on consciously or unconsciously... but our heart cries will get across.