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"Call things that are not as though they are"

I've been mulling over that phrase for the past week.
We have the power of life and death in our words. To discourage is to remove courage, and to encourage is to push someone to courage.

In the last week I have been pressing against negativity, discouragement and hopelessness and asking Papa for His strategy to rise above, and what his perspective is for these situations that "look" hopeless, or I don't see breakthrough in, and all the evidence only shows the opposite of what I'm clinging to, hoping and believing for.

He woke me with the phrase:
"Call things that are not as though they are."
I've been starting to thank God and rejoice for the things he's promised that I don't see present yet, and as I have, I've begun to see so much breakthrough in all those areas!!! I'm really seeing the power of life {and death} that we have in our words.
The tongue is like the rudder of the ship: the smallest part steers the whole vessel. With your words you are are partnering with papa's promises and speaking {declaring & claiming} the promises, hope & joyful expectation into reality! :}