Nyala War Paint

Nyala War Paint

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I've just discovered an animal with natural face and body paint! Oooh I love it! 

For those of you who know me, you know that I often paint my face, usually with different simple streaks, lines and dots, often gold and white. Yesterday evening just as I had started sketching this painting my friend asked me about the meaning behind my face paint. I love that it coincided with my personal discovery of this lovely creature! Haha 

One of the reasons I love to paint my face is because I believe that what we wear and our unique style serves as a posture we choose to step into. I notice people often carry themselves differently when they dress up. What we wear and adorn ourselves with outwardly causes us to partner with an idea of who we are, and also invites people to partner with and reinforce that same identity we've stepped into. I love how this can be a way to step into confidence and identity, knowing you are elegant/beautiful/royalty. 

I often would paint my face while leading worship because Like many cultures i've seen paint their faces, I wanted to step into a warrior posture. It's been such a delight to experiment with different ways of partnering with the identity I believe God has given me, by painting on the canvas of my face for all the world to see.