Play is a Pre-requisite

Play is a Pre-requisite

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Play is a pre-requisite to creativity & development.

When Children play, they are actually working to develop skills. They are learning and developing at a faster rate than at any other stage of our human life, and through play, are developing skills in all areas: physical, emotional, social, cognitive etc. We develop through play, so in order to grow, playing is written into our design. When a child plays pretend and creates a world in which they are mirroring the behaviors they see demonstrated in front of them, they are practicing to reinforce what they perceive their parents doing.  Unconsciously we mirror our parents while our parents unconsciously demonstrate behaviors we perceive necessary to survive and thrive within the world we exist.

Throughout my art career, people have often told me that they don’t think they’d want to do what they love for a living, in fear that they’d lose their love for it once it became “work.” I’ve found that if I create a balance between “work” and “play”, it creates a healthy place where my passion for art and creative expression can thrive and grow in the midst of development and self discipline. Honestly I enjoy both aspects to what I do: The challenge of skillfully bringing someone else’s vision to life vs. the restful, life giving outlet that creating without rules can be; both bring life to me, and both are necessary for developing my creative practice. I think this is true of anything you are passionate about Passion requires your excellence, diligence and self discipline while also demanding your love, enthusiasm, excitement, and discovery. Passion requires creativity, and creativity requires play, because when you play you learn how to problem solve and develop. The reality is "play is work, and work requires play"; play meaning unencumbered exploration, problem solving & enjoyment.