Rest within Unrest

Rest within Unrest

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{Theme: Rest within Unrest}

It is amazing to think that God is outside of time, yet lives in the moment with me and knows me through and through. 

He showed me this image nearly two weeks prior to completing it. At that time I did not know its meaning or that it would perfectly sum up where I was at the morning of finishing it: Finding rest within the midst of unrest.

Moving to Norway was a big transition, filled with newness and some shocking surprises. As I figured out my life here, I simultaneously had to process through the painfully surprising deaths of two friends and a family member. 

It felt like there was a ping pong match in my head - back and forth - my emotional pendulum had been swinging dramatically.  Yet at the same time I slowly felt the internal balance of peace being learned. The image of these butterflies bobbing about are a relevant image to how I felt. Still in the theme of this "Rest” series their transparency illustrates how even while taking in the reality of what is happening around you, resting in the fullness of God’s presence gives you a peace that surpasses all understanding.