~ Weight-(Wait)-Lessness ~
~ Weight-(Wait)-Lessness ~

~ Weight-(Wait)-Lessness ~

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15"x22.5" Watercolor, Watercolor Pencil, Dry Pastel, Inks, Ink Pen, Gold Acrylic & Graphite Pencil on Arches 300 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper with a Deckled Edge
Weightlessness: "The state of not being affected by gravity"
To wait is to delay action until a particular time.
More than i've ever seen before, people all around me, (myself included) are in a state of transition... so many people feel the need to move, relocate, uproot and see what's next. Many of those people don't have any idea what's next, even the ones who have landed somewhere geographically new already. But almost everyone caught up in the move have no longer felt the pull of where they are actually living anymore.

I'm left wondering what it's going to look like when all the dust settles. I've felt like the key to navigating this season, is to just rest in the weight/wait-lessness of it all; not letting the weight of figuring out what's next, nor the wait of time, burden you down, but just lean into the unknown, choosing gratitude and lightheartedness.