~ Wild ~
~ Wild ~

~ Wild ~

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7"x10" Watercolor on Arches 140 lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper
To be wild is to live in your natural environment, uncultivated. To be uncultivated, is to be unprepared or un-used for a certain purpose. 

As we traveled, one of the main things we focused on, was where we felt we fit or belonged. Where was home? Where was our natural environment? Observing people and creatures in their natural environment, helped us begin to recognize what felt like home, and what didn't.

Now to the uncultivated part: much of how we felt during our travels was uncultivated; Wandering undedicated to a certain purpose. We are very purpose driven people, so it was a challenge to fully embrace a season absent from purpose and more focused on just enjoying life and each other. It seemed a bit counter intuitive, but as we focused on really embracing what that time was about, it felt like we were being cultivated and prepared for the purpose that would come on the heels of that season. 

Heres to embracing the wild in us.